- PMP certification

- Member of American Mensa and Triple Nine

- MS Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology

- 10 Years of Industry experience at Fortune 500 companies like Ford Motor and Delta Technologies; and startup companies like Trilogy Software and iXL Enterprises.

- Top 1000 Reviewer on Amazon.

He graduated from the School of Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology with a Master of Science degree in March of 1995 and graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Department, Osmania University College of Engineering with a Bachelor of Engineering degree in July of 1991. He is a member of the American Mensa and has attained the PMP status from PMI (Project Management Institute). He is also part of the back up Project Management instructor team at the Austin Community College helping teach the Project Management classes there on a need basis.

Currently, he has assumed the roles of Technical Project Manager and President & CEO of Small Biz Niche and Thummas Corporation.

He has over 10 years of industry experience and has worked at various large corporations in project lead roles on both engineering and technology projects. He started out his career as a contract engineer at Ford Motor Company on the 1997 Ford Escort and 1998 Ford ZX2 launch teams. This provided him invaluable practical experience in using the complex systems principles he learned in graduate school that were also being used extensively at Ford Motor Company. He then worked in the Advanced Technology Division as a Project Manager at United Technologies Automotive and officially moved into the Information Technology field. This was followed by working for Internet services company iXL and software development company Trilogy before establishing Thummas Corporation. He worked as a Technical Project Manager on the Call Center Renewal project at Delta Technologies while working at iXL.

He believes that attention to details is paramount to success in any field and is bringing the complex systems design principles from the Aerospace Engineering field and the highly successful change management principles from the Automotive field to the Information Technology field. In his opinion, cross-industry application of these highly successful principles will result in revolutionary advances in the Information Technology field.

On a personal level, on top of being a Vegetarian, he is an avid fan of racing (motorcycle and car), photography, hiking in the Himalayas, and is trilingual (fluent in English, Telugu and Hindi in that order). Also, in his spare time he writes book reviews on Amazon.com to share his knowledge and findings with others. He feels that it is his duty to give back to this virtual community that has given him so much in terms of valuable book advice.

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